Today it is very rare to meet someone interested in personal development who hasn’t heard of The Law of Attraction, isn’t it?

It is a widespread phenomenon that spread at lightning speed throughout the world after the movie and the book named The Secret, and it become a frequently visited topic discussed in numerous books and seminars.

In short, the Law of Attraction means that like attracts like. We are like a live energy station that constantly emits vibrations which are present within us. And what we emit we receive back in form of our experiences, and our vibration mostly depends on thoughts which are most often present in our mind.

If we consider the best known teachings on the Law of Attraction, the crucial point in its implementation in life is to put yourself in the state (or be in such a state as often as possible) in which we feel we already have what we want to get or experience.

However, what often happens with this approach is that while trying to bring ourselves from the state in which we are aware we lack what we want, into a state in which we feel as we already have what we want, we actually find ourselves in a situation where we simultaneously emit two contradictory vibrations: a vibration supporting accomplishment of what we want and a vibration repelling what we want – because we subconsciously know that we lack what we want.

Remember, according to the Law of Attraction theories, we attract what we are (state caused by the sum of all our conscious and unconscious thoughts), not only what we wish for and think that we think (conscious thoughts – thoughts we are aware of).

If you view yourself as a person currently lacking in what he wants (and that is a fact!) and you are trying to attract whatever you want in your life by using the law of attraction, there’s a good chance you will create an unclear vibration within yourself and the emotions you will be feeling with regards what you want will often oscillate.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this approach, but the purpose of this article is to inform you on how you can apply the Law of Attraction in your life in a much simpler way.

Everything goes boils to simply forgetting about the Law of Attraction, at least temporarily, and dedicating yourself to knowing yourself better and waking up your spiritual nature.

And the more you get to know yourself and your spiritual nature (yourself as Spirit), your awareness of yourself as a being whose true nature is love, the more peace and happiness will grow within you day by day. You will begin to realize that everything you ever wanted to achieve by accomplishing certain goals you already have within yourself and you don’t need a reason for happiness and joy. And precisely in that moment, when you are connected to your true nature, the goals (and wishes) that appear in your mind, will be your authentic goals, inspired by sour Spirit.

Such goals will be present in your consciousness almost non-stop, not because you want to activate the Law of Attraction by use of visualization in order to achieve them, but because you simply enjoy befriending them mentally and it will be happening in a completely natural and spontaneous way, without you trying to do or imagine anything in particular.

When you truly fall in love with a person, you need to think of her often, don’t you? However, you’re not doing it because you are trying to activate the Law of Attraction by use of visualization in order to improve your relationship and connection, but because it comes to you naturally and it brings you joy and comfort. This is simply the way our psyche is “coded”.


Numerous spiritual teachings advise us first to know ourselves because that’s the place where the greatest treasures are hidden, as well as, all the answers for creating happy and fulfilled life.

If for example, I paraphrase one of the keystones of the Jesus’ teachings that is pointing us to seek first for the Heavenly Kingdom, and everything else will be added to it, as well as, that the Heavenly Kingdom is within us, it becomes easier for us to realize that our most important task is to search for and wake up the Heavenly Kingdom within, or, in other words, first to know thyself and wake up your spiritual nature. The Law of Attraction, which continuously makes sure similar vibrations are being connected anyway, will then make sure our vision, goals and experiences are in harmony with vibration which is a reflection of connection to love, joy and peace within.

© 2015 – Tomislav Tomic