I was recently contacted by a friend who was delighted by the book The Field authored by Lynne McTaggart, which cites, amongst many others, numerous scientific investigations demonstrating how regular imagining of the desired outcome in ones’ own mind – visualization – makes process of their accomplishment quicker and more certain.

However, trying to imagine desired goals as being already accomplished, it would often occur to her to catch herself thinking about tasks that need to be done or to completely forget to practice “visualization”.

It wasn’t quite clear to her why this is happening to her despite of her knowing well that regular visualization would help her accomplish the desired goals

Since I often hear about similar phenomena from my clients and readers, it is my intention in this article to address what I consider to be the main culprit making many people to feel that process of visualization isn’t exactly their forte.

If you have already read one of my books, or participated in workshop or seminar, I believe you are already acquainted with an idea I always emphasize:

“One of the greatest obstacles to creating a happy and fulfilled life is our conscious or unconscious conclusion that we know what we need in order to be truly happy”.

It is a fact that we live in a society that is completely conditioned, dominated by a culture of fear and we are taught from an early age that we have to fulfill a hundred or so different standards in order to give yourself the right to feel as a loved and accepted human being.

We move through the life with numerous convictions conditioned by early upbringing and society climate we are born in, and we are convinced that all this is just our “natural” and “neutral” view of life.

However, it is a fact that your natural and neutral worldview existed only for a first few months after you were born.

As a consequence of long-term conditioning, it happens that we often accept goals (and decisions) which are not truly ours- those goals are imposed upon us without us even being conscious of the imposition because we think that we have embraced those goals by “neutral” and “autonomous” thought process.

Luckily for us, there is a clear test that will allow us to know whether the goal is authentic or imposed.

If what you desire is regularly and continuously present in your consciousness (without you doing anything in particular for that purpose) and the mere act of pondering about it is creating a happiness and enthusiasm in you, than it is your authentic goal.

With authentic goals, the process of visualization goes completely naturally and of itself. You don’t have to strive and imagine the desired outcome because such a scenery is always effortlessly present in your mind, it makes you joyful and creates within you the feeling of excitement and pleasant anticipation.

Such a scenery, that is, a vision in your mind, is inspired by your Spirit – a part of you which is conscious of its spiritual nature and its continuous connection with God/Source – unlike the scenery which your mind tries artificially to create based on the known facts it considers might work.

Thus, if you wish to activate visualization process in a completely natural way and stop trying artificially to imagine something you falsely or mistakenly think you want, then reject the idea that you can figure out with your mind what you need to be truly happy (because it is not a proper job for your mind) and ask of your Spirit to fill your mind with a visions of goals which are appropriate to your life’s purpose.

When your mind is inspired with a vision of the goals which are in harmony with your higher life’s purpose, visualization comes to you naturally and this very process is being felt very lively, comfortable and you joyfully and willingly participate in it.

Remember the moments when you fell in love with a person. Did you had to “work/strive” to think of that person, or the process in your mind was automatic, and you just witnessed it with joy? On the other hand, what would you think about relationship with a person you “fell in love with”, and in the same time you ought to strive and discipline yourself in order to “visualize” pleasant moments with such a person?

Regardless of whether you visualize the person you want to be with or any other goal you wish to accomplish, the basic principle of how your mind works is always the same.

It is either inspired by the Spirit or imposed by society! There is no third option!


“God/Spirit (insert any other name you feel is appropriate),
fill my mind with the vision of goals which are in harmony
with my life’s purpose.”

Let this be your guide every day and rest assured your visualization will work!

© 2013 – Tomislav Tomic